The tourism flow to African countries has rapidly grown since last decade for much reason as such as conference tourism and business trips. As being the most important and fast growing city in east Africa, Addis Ababa get high benefit from this phenomena.

Addis Ababa is named as capital of Africa for being a permanent seat for the headquarter AU ( Africa Union ), most of international office for east African region as such as UNECA ( United nation Economic commission for Africa ) and many diplomatic mission office. The city also accommodates great number of international conferences and summits annually.

This opportunity gives high benefits the tourism sector by enhancing existing tourism attractions surrounding the city and develops new sites through incorporating tourist activities such as Merkato ( the biggest open air market in Africa ) Therefore, Yama Ethiopia tours has develop and enhanced Merkato to be popular tour product and tourist site in collaboration with ESTDP Matching grant project.

The development of Merkato market Area as popular tour product includes activities such as organizing half and full day tour packages for tourist visiting Addis Ababa during their conference or business meeting trips . We have also publication of a new travel guide book for Merkato and attraction site map for sell.


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