• Northern Ethiopia

    “By vast expense and hideous pain, the rock a church became”, wrote a historian in the 17th century. Lalibela is also described as the “African Petra” or “New Jerusalem”.
  • Harar & Dire Dawa

    Some Muslims consider Harar as the fourth holiest city of their faith after Mecca, Medina and Jerusalem. There are several stories about the foundation of Harar which date from the 10th century to the 15th century.
  • Omo Valley Tribes

    South Omo is literally fantastic. Descending from the green, urbane highlands into the low-lying plains of South Omo feels like a journey not merely through space, but also through time
  • Coffee Tours

    Many believed that Ethiopia is the birthplace of coffee. The indigenous coffee trees (which some experts say, are the only native coffee trees in the world) first grew in ancient “Abyssinia,” which is now present day Ethiopia.
  • Danakil Depressions

    A strange lunar landscape studded with active volcanoes, malodorous sulfur-caked hot springs, solidified black lava flows, and vast salt-encrusted basins.
  • Timket Festival

    Timket is the greatest festival of the Ethiopian year, falling just 2 weeks after Ethiopian Christmas. It is actually a 3-day affair preceded by the eve of Timket when the dramatic processions take place through a night of fasting to the great day itself ...
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  • YAMA ETHIOPIA TOURS - Ethiopian Tour Operator
imageTariku W/Aregay was born and grew up in the eastern part...+
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  • Tour to Lalibela & North Historic Route
image07 Days & 06 Nights to Bahir dar, Gondar, Siemen & lalibela +
image09 Days & 08 Nights tour to the North historic route ...+
image12 Days & 11 Nights tour to the North historic route ...+
  • Tour to Southern Omo Valley Tribes Village
image06 Days & 05 Nights trip to Southern Omo Valley...+
image09 Days & 08 Nights tour to the South Omo Valley ...+
image13 Days tour to the south Omo valley & Bale Mt. National Park+
  • Tour to Danakil & Siemen Mountains
image06 Days & 05 Nights tour to Danakil Depression ...+
image09 Days & 08 Nights tour to Danakil Depression region ... +
image21 Days tour to the North historic route, Danakil & South Omo +